Hazrat Ali R.A was born in the Holy Kaaba. This has been mentioned by several Sunni Scholars like Sibt ibn al-Jauzi in his book Tadhkera Khawasil Ummah.
Some traditions have also stated that Hazrat Ali R.A did not open his eyes when he was born. When the Holy Prophet Muhammed S.A.S took the child in his hands, he opened his eyes and he saw the face of the Holy Prophet Muhammed S.A.S. The Holy Prophet Muhammed S.A.S gave him the name Ali. The name being a derivate of the name "Al - Ali" which refers to Allah and means "The Supreme". Hazrat Ali R.A was named as Ali as he was born in the House of God by using the later part of the name by the Holy Prophet Muhammed S.A.S

Normally the tradition of the pagans was to always keep a newborn child in the feet of idols. However that did not happen in the case of Hazrat Ali R.A.
Also being raised by the Holy Prophet Muhammed S.A.S himself meant that the Messenger of God himself became Ali's guide, teacher and instructor, and this is one more distinction that he enjoys.

Hazrat Ali R.A thus has never worshipped any God except Allah even before the Holy Prophet Muhammed S.A.S starting preaching Islam. He is thus referred to as "Karamallahu Wajhah" which means " The one whose face is blessed ".