Hazrat Ali R.A was a very modest person. This Sahabas said that among 
              the Companions of the Holy Prophet Muhammed S.A.S Hazrat Ali R.A was the Most Praised one.
              The following hadees shows the modesty of Hazrat Ali R.A. 
              Narrated Muhammad bin Al-Hanafiya:

              I asked my father (`Ali bin Abi Talib), "Who are the best people after Allah's Messenger (S.A.S) ?"
               He said, "Abu Bakr." I asked, "Who then?" He said, "Then `Umar. " I was afraid he would say "Uthman, so I said, "Then you?" He said, "I am only an ordinary person.

              Reference	 : Sahih al-Bukhari 3671
              In-book reference	 : Book 62, Hadith 21
              USC-MSA web (English) reference	 : Vol. 5, Book 57, Hadith 20

              Hazrat Ali was very brave

              TITLE OF ASADULLAH 
              Because of his bravely Hadrat Ali was popularly called "Asadullah"(The Lion of Allah). 

              In the battle of Khaibar , the Muslims tried to conquer the strongest fort, Qumus, but were not successful in the beginning and failed a few times. 
              Then the Holy Prophet (Sallallahu alaihi we Salaam) said, "I will give the command and the standard tomorrow to such a brave person who loves Allah and His Prophet and whom Allah and His Prophet love. 
              Everybody was desiring to be that fortunate man. 
              The people were rather surprised when the next morning the Holy Prophet 
              (Sallallahu 'alaihi we Salaam) called Ali who was sick and his eyes were sore. 
              The Holy Prophet applied his finger, wet with his saliva, 
              over the eyes of Ali (R.A.) and they were cured immediately. 
              Then he gave the standard, and advised him. 
              "First of all call them towards Islam. Even if one man is guided towards Islam because of you, it would be better than red camels." 

              Following the advice of the Holy Prophet Hadrat Ali invited them towards Islam. 
              Instead of accepting the Right Path and aceepting a chance to leave thier past sins and conspiracies behind,
              they sent their commander Marhab, the great warrior of Arabia and one of the bravest men of his time.
              He challenged Hadrat Ali to fight. Ali (R.A.) accepted the challenge and slew him in one attack.
              Khyber was a locality at a distance of about 96 Kms from Madina. 
              It consisted of eight (or ten) popular and very strong forts where some Jews 
              lived and also gave refuge to the enemies of Islam. 
              They had become an active center of conspiracies against Islam. 
              In the 7th Hijrah, our Holy Prophet Mohammad(sawaw) got information 
              about the conspiracy being hatched by the Jews of Khaibar against Muslims in 
              connivance with other hostile enemies of Islam like the Ghafatan Tribe.

              This was when the Holy Prophet Muhammed S.A.S decided to defend themselves against the conspiracies
              and act to stop these conspiracies.

              Sahl b. Sa'd reported that Allah's Messenger (S.A.S.) said on the Day of Khaibar:

              I would certainly give this standard to a person at whose hand Allah would grant victory 
              and who loves Allah and His Messenger and Allah and His Messenger love him also. 
              The people spent the night thinking as to whom it would be given. 
              When it was morning the people hastened to Allah's Messenger 
              all of them hoping that that would be given to him.
              He (the Holy Prophet) said: Where is 'Ali b. Abu Talib? They said: Allah's Messenger, his eyes are sore. 
              He then sent for him and he was brought and Allah's Messenger applied saliva to his eyes 
              and invoked blessings and he was all right, as if he had no ailment at all, 
              and conferred upon him the standard. 'Ali said: Allah's Messenger, I will fight them until they are like us. 
              Thereupon he (the Holy Prophet) said: Advance cautiously until you reach their open places, thereafter invite them to Islam and 
              inform them what is obligatory for them 
              from the rights of Allah, for, by Allah, if Allah guides aright even one person through you that is better for you
              than to possess the most valuable of the camels.


              It is to be understood that neither Islam , not the Holy Prophet
              Muhammed S.A.S and nor did Hazrat Ali R.A believe in volence and hatred against non muslims.   

              All Battles were aimed at Self Defense and Protection of Muslims from thier enemies at that times.
              Non Muslims were free to practice thier religion as long as they did not conspire against Islam and Muslims. 
              If they did only the perpetrators are supposed to be punished. This was reflected by the Peace Treaty of Hudaybiyyah
              The Holy Prophet Muhammed S.A.S also allowed Jews to pray in Mosques in some occasions.

              Hazrat Ali R.A  showed great bravery in each and every battle he fought and earned fame. He was counted as one of the great warriors of Arabia. 

              Hazrat Ali was the most wise and knowledgeable person after the Holy Prophet Muhammed S.A.S 
              Many people turned to him for guidance.


              From Umm Salamah she said: I heard the Prophet (PBUH) say: "Ali is with the Quran and the Quran is with Ali, 
              they will never separate until they reach me at the Fountain of Kauthar(During the Last day)”

              Ref: Kanzul Ummal, volume 11, page 603.


              Hazrat Ali R.A always respected his elders, sometimes he even kissed the feet of elders.

              Suhayb said, "I saw 'Ali kiss the hands and feet of al-'Abbas."
              Reference	 : Al-Adab Al-Mufrad 976
              In-book reference	 : Book 42, Hadith 12
              English translation	 : Book 42, Hadith 976

              Hazrat Ali R.A forgived others even in extremely hostile situations. 

              Some of his sayings were in these regards.
              Lack of forgiveness is the ugliest of all flaws. -Hazrat Ali (RA)

              If you overpower your enemy, then pardon him by way of thankfulness to Allah, for being able to subdue him.
              Forgiveness is the Crown of greatness.
              During the battle of Siffin when Hazrat Ali R.A captured the water supplies of the enemy, he still allowed the enemy to drink 
              from it.
              Eventhough Hazrat Ali R.A was on truth and had the upper hand in the Battle of Siffin 
              he still accepted arbitration of Hazrat Amir Muawiya R.A after seeing the loss of lives on both sides. 

              Hazrat Ali R.A was a very kind and generous person.

              "Through kindness, hearts are owned." - Hazrat Ali (R.A)
              "Kindness, Love , Friendship and Forgiveness are Reflections of the divine within" - Hazrat Ali (R.A)

              Hazrat Ali R.A treated non muslims with Respect, Dignity and  Honour as preached by Islam.
              In the decision that he made in case of disputes he was never biased towards Muslims.
              No one was above the law in his eyes.

              Hazrat Ali R.A was a steadfast person and performed all compulsary activities in Islam with steadfastness.

              Hazrat Ali R.A sacrificed himself for islam and the Holy Prophet Muhammed S.A.S on every occasion and was ready to take up challenges and take up tasks in the 
              most difficult os times.

              Hazrat Ali R.A smiled very often and always said that one should always be happy and thankfull to Allah.

              Hazrat Ali R.A was a man of his word and never gave up on his word. 
              He followed the Holy Prophet Muhammed S.A.S on every occasion and never gave up his command.

              "In the Night of Hijrah, Hazrat Ali R.A was asked to Sleep on bed 
              of the Holy Prophet Muhammed S.A.S who had migrated to Mecca. 
              There were fourty people who were trying to kill
              the Holy Prophet Muhammed S.A.S that night.
               Hazrat Ali R.A was supposed to sleep on that bed during that night and return the belongings to 
               the people who had kept the Belongings with the Holy Prophet Muhammed S.A.S"

              The fourty people of Quraysh on that night initially taught that the person the bed 
              was the Holy Prophet Muhammed S.A.S but were later dissapointed to find Hazrat Ali R.A.
              In the battle of Uhad, A breach of The Holy Prophet Muhammed's orders took place by the Muslim archers, 
              who left their assigned posts towards the spoils of the Meccan camp, which allowed a surprise attack from the Meccan cavalry, 
              this brought chaos to the Muslim ranks. Many Muslims were killed, and the Holy Prophet Muhammed S.A.S himself was  injured. 
              The Muslims had to withdraw up the slopes of Uhud. 
              In this battle Hazrat Ali R.A was one among the only people who remained at thier place as directed by the Holy Prophet Muhammed S.A.S. 
              He stood by the word of the Holy Prophet Muhammed S.A.S and fought against the surprise attack. He was badly injured with so many wounds that the Nurses were unable to dress him properly.

              He showed his bravery and unrelenting service to Islam and its Prophet. He also showed his patience and firmness in faith.

              Hazrat Ali R.A was in the Advisory commitee of all the Three Khalifas piror to him.
              Some times few decisions was delegated to him directly by the other Three Khalifas.
              Hazrat Ali R.A loved and respected the other Khalifas before him. This is controry to the  belief's of the Shia muslims
              who believe that the first three Khalifas were enemies of Islam.
              He named one his sons as Abu Bakr after the first Khalifa Hazrat Abu Bakr R.A 
              He also named one his sons as Umar after the second Khalida Hazrat Umar R.A 

              He knew about the Shia and Sunni division which will happen and by naming his sons
              after the Khalifas he showed that prior Khalifas were indeed truthful and trustful
              companions of the Holy Prophet Muhammed S.A.S
              His wisdom was above par and he is known as the Gate of Knowledge of Wisdom in Islam. 

              Hazrat Ali R.A also was the one who buried Hazrat Abu Bakr besides the the Holy Prophet Muhammed S.A.S 
              Hazrat Ali R.A and also prayed for Hazrat Umar R.A on his deathbed. 

              Hazrat Ali R.A left no stone unturned to show people signs about the right path.
              To this purpose he narrated the merits of Hazrat Aby Bakr R.A and Hazrat Umar R.A 

                Narrated Ibn `Abbas:

                When (the dead body of) `Umar was put on his deathbed, 
                the people gathered around him and invoked (Allah) and prayed for him 
                before the body was taken away, and I was amongst them. 
                Suddenly I felt somebody taking hold of my shoulder and found out 
                that he was `Ali bin Abi Talib. 
                `Ali invoked Allah's Mercy for `Umar and said, 
                "O `Umar! You have not left behind you a person whose deeds 
                I like to imitate and meet Allah with more than I like your deeds. 
                By Allah! I always thought that Allah would keep you with your two companions, 
                for very often I used to hear the Prophet (S.A.S) saying, 
                'I, Abu Bakr and `Umar went (somewhere); I, Abu Bakr and `Umar entered (somewhere); and I, Abu Bakr and `Umar went out."'


                  Sahih al-Bukhari 3685
                  In-book reference	 : Book 62, Hadith 35
                  USC-MSA web (English) reference	 : Vol. 5, Book 57, Hadith 3