Hazrat Ali R.A became the fourth of the Khalifas of Islam after the assacination of the Third Khalifa Hazrat Usman R.A at the hands of the rebels.

    Hazrat Ali R.A was very reluctant in accepting and wanted to be a counsellor to the Khalifa rather than being the Khalifa himself.
    He also was not intrested in the rule of governance. Howeever seeing the chaos that happened after the death of Hazrat Usman R.A he accepted it.
    The first Civil was broke out in the muslim kingdom after the assacination of Hazrat Usmaan R.A. 
    The wife of the Holy Prophet Muhammed S.A.S Hazrat Aaisha R.A  who was also the mother in law of the assacinated Hazrat Usman R.A demanded Hazrat Ali R.A to handover the assacins of 
    Hazrat Usman R.A. 

    Howeever Hazrat Ali R.A was in a bad situation because the rebels at that time had made it impossible
    for Hazrat Ali R.A to find the assasins because of these Unity. 

    The misunderstanding between Hazrat Ali R.A and Hazrat Aisha R.A later went away and they reconsiled.
    However Hazrat Amir Muawiya R.A who was another prominent companion also demanded Hazrat Ali R.A to handover the assacins of Hazrat Usman R.A.
    The Muslims becamse divided into two seperate groups and some did not join any group.

    Some supported Hazrat Ali R.A. and some supported Hazrat Amir Muawiya R.A. 
    All Sunni Scolars dont regard Hazrat Amir Muawiya R.A as the Rightly Guided Kahalifas and consider him to 
    have made an error in not extending his support to Hazrat Ali R.A and not accepting him as a Kahalifa.

    Hazrat Ali R.A is thus considered as the Last of the Khulufa E Rashideen.
    This period also saw the emergence of a group called the Kharjites who had been Prophesized by the Holy Prophet Muhammed S.A.S. and who turned out to be brutal killers 
    and pretended to be steadfast muslims. 
    Hazrat Ali R.A became Khalifa in the most difficult of times and this time was the most Turbulent time after the passing of the Holy Prophet Muhammed S.A.S.