Hazrat Ali - The Imam from the east to the west


According to various traditions, the Marriage of Hazrat Ali R.A and Hazrat Fathima R.A was ordered by Allah and carried out by the Holy Prophet Muhammed S.A.S himself. According to these traditions the Marriage was first carried in heaven and then it was ordered to be carried out on Earth. According to the tradition this marriage will be celebrated by the angels until the Day of Judgement by gifting each other pearls and rubies.

Ans bin Malik narrates that when the Messenger of Allah was in the mosque, he said to Ali, This is Jibraeel who is telling me that Allah has performed your marriage ceremony to Fatimah in the presence of forty thousand angels as witnesses to the marriage ceremony. He said to the tree of tuba(blessing) to rain pearls and rubies on them. The tree showered them with pearls and rubies. Then women with beautiful eyes gathered the pearls and rubies in tray's which the angels (present in the ceremony) will present to each other as gifts until the Day of Judgement.

Muhibb Tabari, Dhakhair-ul-uqba fi manaqib dhaw-ilqurba (p.72)

The Holy Prophet said, “Oh Ans! Do you know what message Jibraeel has brought from the Owner of the Throne?” Then he said, “Allah has ordered me to arrange Fatimah’s marriage with Ali.

Husaini said in al-Bayan wat-tarif (2:301#1803) that Qazwini, Khatib Baghdadi and Ibn Asakir have transmitted it through Ans bin Malik.

Ali (narrates that the Messenger of Allah said, "An angel came to me and said: Oh Muhammad, Allah sends peace upon you and says, I have had your daughter married to Ali bin Abu Talib in the Upper Heavens and now you also arrange the marriage ceremony of Fatimah with Ali on earth.

Muhibb Tabari, Dhakhair-ul-uqba fi manaqib dhaw-ilqurba (p.72)